To slap a heaux or not to slap a heaux? And why do ppl care so much is the question?
Is it American Culture to sympathize with shitty people? I’m thinking yes.
If 46 million Americans have student loan debt, and they only forgive 100,000 people did Biden follow through with his campaign promises?
The straight lies that elites tell us about why don’t deserve money. Never forget 2020. Let’s talk about it.
What in the Women’s History Month is going on? Better get back to work and drive to the office because “nobody wants to work anymore.” We’re such bad…
American Billionaires got $434 Billion richer, Grocery stores are ending hazard pay, another Black man killed by police officers, a Guatemalan man died…
A COVID cocktail, World leaders call for a people's vaccine, The CDC relaxed protective gear guidelines, & another trillion dollar stimulus?
Unemployment for gig workers, Families first act, Trump on his bullshit, who got a bailout and why, Yts and their bioweapons, zoom is malaware, and viva…
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