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Yvette Montoya is a first generation Latina and an LA native of Mexican and Chilean descent. She received her Bachelors in English Literature from UCLA and she did her postgraduate studies in Literature, Rhetoric, and Composition at Cal Poly Pomona. Her emphasis was Diasporic and Early American literature & theory. She’s a regular contributor at HipLatina. She’s written for Mitu, Teen Vogue, and ArtBound.

In 2018 Yvette was a Tecla award nominee for breakout creator of the year. She’s been a mentor for Latinx StartUp Week in LA for 2 years and counting and has been featured on Univision, Voyage LA, and the #WeAllGrow Latina conference. 

About The Montoya Minute 

Technically it’s a Latina minute because when I say “give me a minute” what I really mean is 15-20. Want to increase your media literacy? Want to learn to spot propaganda and fake news? This newsletter is meant to challenge and reframe the things we’ve been conditioned to accept by looking at the language. Are you in?

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